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We are here for you. We are always with the farmer.

CMR AgroTech veBora MachineAs the family, we are always with the agricultural producer. Our farmer spirit brought with it being innovative.1991In the year we took the first stepsAntalyaWe started this business to support our growers in  . We know very well what it means to farm in harsh conditions.


Bora Machinery; It has produced machinery and equipment, especially in agriculture, textile and plastic sectors.1999Since then, it has focused its activities on this subject with 'Drip Irrigation' systems, designed its own machines and started the production of CMR brand drip irrigation pipes.2006By moving to Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in 2017, it has increased its production quality and capacity with new generation modern machines. Bora Machinery; As one of the important manufacturers in the sector with its quality, market share and production capacity, it aims at a sustainable growth.


In this struggle, drip systems, smart irrigation, underground and above-ground irrigation equipment, by helping farmers to obtain more efficient and abundant final products, 

with agricultural technologiesWe produce innovative solutions.


Quality is priority for us. . Our standards, starting with our employees,n is applied in every part. 


Today, our products reach many countries. Our domestic share is increasing day by day. Our production facility gives priority to environmental systems for a sustainable future. 

To date, we have produced thousands of  drip irrigation equipment for farmers and farms. We have carried out innovative studies for greenhouse materials. We collaborated with industry leaders. 

Contact your nearest local CMR Drip Irrigation representative. 

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